Temporary Leases for Storage Units

Sometimes when you are moving, or even in the process of remodeling part of your home, you may come to a time where you just need a little bit of extra storage space to store some of your belongings.

But, how do you know which company will provide you with the right space for the right price?

Look no further. We’ve compiled a list of the top 4 storage unit options to give you the most comprehensive overview of the market, so you can make an informed decision.

PODS is a storage/moving company that is ideal for those moving both locally and cross country. PODS is specifically designed to offer short-term storage solutions. Whether you are moving your items in increments, or your new home isn’t quite ready once you get your U-Haul all the way to your location, PODS offers temporary, on-site or portable storage solutions.

Additionally, PODs portable storage containers double as moving boxes, so if you hire PODS as your moving company, you only need to pack and unpack once, even if your lease ends a week before your move-in date.

2. Extra Space Storage
Extra Space Storage offers storage locations in 40 States, making them one of the most easily accessible companies in America. Additionally, they offer the most comprehensive storage container size variety — everything from individual storage lockers to entire vehicle storage units.

Extra Space Storage’s units are all climate controlled and they also offer storage space for vehicles, RVs, and boats, making Extra Space Storage ideal for if you have several bulky items.

3. U-Haul
U-Haul is one of the most common household names in the United States, probably because it has locations in all 50 states. U-Haul stands out from other storage unit providers because it offers 24-hour access to your items, and high-level security, pest control, and climate control to keep your belongings protected year-round.

4. CubeSmart
CubeSmart is by far the most cost-effective option of the list. If you are looking for a small amount of temporary storage for a short period of time–whether seasonal or just for in-between a local move-CubeSmart is your best option. CubeSmart offers frequent online discounts, holiday discounts, friend referral discounts, and active-duty military discounts. Additionally, CubeSmart provides customers with a free 4-hour truck rental to move your items both in and out of the unit. This saves you from having to bribe your co-workers with pizza and favors to borrow a pickup truck.




Michael Ruge, based in Vancouver Island, BC, is a business owner and entrepreneur specializing in self & records storage. Learn more @ https://michael-ruge.net

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Michael Ruge

Michael Ruge

Michael Ruge, based in Vancouver Island, BC, is a business owner and entrepreneur specializing in self & records storage. Learn more @ https://michael-ruge.net

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