Myths About Self Storage Debunked

Michael Ruge
2 min readDec 18, 2020

As the pandemic continues to unfold, many people continue to try to find ways to remain active while stuck at home. One of the most common trends of 2020 has been decluttering and rearranging. Amidst all these cleanings, people have found that there are still plenty of objects they want to preserve but don’t have space within their homes to maintain all their stuff. Unfortunately, this leaves many people throwing out both essential or useful items. One of the more significant reasons people throw away so many of their personal belongings; the many myths surrounding self-storage facilities keep individuals from trusting them. In actuality, self-storage might be one of the most effective tools you can have for sustaining your collection of items with personal value. Let’s address some of those myths now.

Self Storage Is Not Secure

Often the biggest fear with self-storage facilities is that someone will steal your belongings. There seems to be an assumed fact that because your stuff is in a garage that’s out of your control, then it’s inherently vulnerable to theft. The assumption that there won’t be on-site security is flawed. Any self-storage facility with even an ounce of self-respect knows that it’s continued business is predicated on protecting and securing your possessions. That means most self-storage facilities come with fencing, locks, gates, cameras, and security guards. Like most things in life, you get what you pay for with self-storage. If security is a significant concern for you, you can always check out the facility in advance and determine if it meets your safety and protection standards.

Self Storage Is Expensive

Self-storage is a perfectly fiscally responsible way to maintain your possessions. Yes, of course, you are paying a monthly rate to sustain your self-storage unit, but there are plenty of steps you can take to minimize the cost of that storage units. The easiest step is to make sure you select a storage space that accurately fits your needs. Many people end up with half filled units, which will ultimately cost them more money than if they filled up a more appropriately sized space to the brim. Also, there are plenty of unnecessary features storage facilities will offer. If you don’t have valuable possessions, it can be advantageous to ignore these add ons as they will add to your monthly fee and often be irrelevant.

Treasure To Be Found!

Perhaps the biggest myth of self-storage is that foreclosed lots have the potential to be goldmines of rare and valuable items people have stored. Reality shows like Storage Wars benefit from this image and the thrill of the adventure of treasure hunting. Unfortunately, it’s also produced a myth that purchasing a lot at auction can be a legitimate means of making money. In reality, it’s scarce to buy an auctioned unit unseen and stumble into treasure.



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